Owners Corporate Insurance

Residential Body Corporate Insurance Information

Body corporate domestic properties are exposed to financial loss in the occurrence of a fire, theft or liability event. We can provide you with flexible coverage options for your strata property, to protect you from such events, including many others.

  • Public Liability
  • Common Area / Common Ground
  • Theft & Burglary
  • Fire, Storm & Malicious Damage
  • Glass Breakage
  • Loss of Rent
  • Machinery Breakdown (including air conditioning and heating units)
  • Voluntary Workers / Personal Accident
  • Fidelity Guarantee
  • Office Bearers Liability
  • Workers Compensation

Whether you're an owner-occupier or investor, getting the owners corporation insurance right is vital to the sound management of the building.

An owners corporation is required to take out insurance for public liability and the common property. Additionally, owners corporations are usually required to insure all of the buildings in the development.

We recommend obtaining a valuation from a qualified valuer on a periodic basis. This makes certain that the buildings are adequately insured, which reduces the risk of financial loss.

It's important to note that the owners corporation insurance policy doesn't cover the contents of owner's or tenant's lots. Members need to make sure they have the right amount of contents and public liability cover in place for these areas.

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